Drones Fighting Wildfires

An Extra Set Of Eyes

Smokes pours out of the open window, blocking any view of the wreckage inside. A burning building ready to collapse stands before them, fire licking away at the frames. It is the job of a fireman crew to risk their life, braving the heat to rescue civilians trapped inside.

But as the smoke plumes around them, and the fire scorches the air, the certainty of a trapped victim becomes more of a guess. A dangerous guess that could cost them the lives of their fellow firefighters.

We can’t see through the clouds of smoke, the fiery walls, or broken timbers scattered across a floor. Guess what can? – That’s right: a drone. Drones with visual and thermal imagery can penetrate the thick haze and search for heat signatures. Even in the midst of a hot fire, human outlines can be clearly seen – eliminating the guesswork for our everyday heroes.

It’s birds-eye view and mobility in the sky allows the drone to search the building faster and more efficiently, at a much safer distance. It can communicate the situation to members outside the building, showing when firefighters have successfully reached the victims, or on the other hand, if anything has gone amiss.

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